Legacy Documentation

This site contains only the documentation and tutorials for Foundry 2, the legacy version of the framework. You can find links to the current version of Foundry, and its documentation, below.

Foundry 2


While Foundry is easy to use there are a lot of different stacks included. And with each stack comes a plethora of options and settings to help you customize your site. We've documented all of those settings so you can refer back here in the event you don't know what something does.

Core Concepts

We feel like everyone should be able to design a website and have fun while doing it. Foundry makes the task of building a website from the ground up just that -- easy and fun. It allows you to take our pre-built, customizable, modular components and assemble them, using the Stacks plugin, to create any sort of site design you can think up.

With drag-and-drop ease you can build powerful, responsive sites that your visitors and clients are sure to love. Once you're comfortable with the Foundry stacks you'll find that they each have powerful setting and options to customize your design to your liking.

The Foundry stacks are broken up into four categories -- Control Center, Components, Content and Utilities. Let's take a look at what each of these is about.


Control Center

Foundry has a main Control Center stack labeled "Foundry" that you will add to each of your pages. This main stack controls the basic, page-wide settings as well as provides the underlying CSS and javascript that will power each page. It offers a great deal of control for you in determining how your site will look and function. It is the fire in Foundry’s forge.


Other Stack Types

While the main Foundry Control Center stack powers your pages, the real fun begins when you start adding Component, Content and Utility stacks to your site. These elements are what you’ll use to build each page. They consist of everything from Paragraph stacks to Galleries, Navigation, Buttons and so much more!

On the left-hand side of this page you’ll find a list of all of the stacks included in Foundry. Click on any one of them to learn more about the stack -- what it does, how to use it, what options it has built-in to it, and more. You can get an idea of what each stack offers as well as use this site for reference when building your sites.


Requirements & Compatibility

Foundry requires RapidWeaver version 7 or newer, as well as the Stacks plugin version 4.0 or newer, from YourHead Software.

Sites built with Foundry use the latest web technologies and thus require newer browsers to work up to their full potential. Your sites will shine in Safari, iOS 9+, Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge.

Potion & Thunder Packs
Requires Foundry v1 or newer as well as the Stacks plugin version 3.5.6 or newer, from YourHead Software.

Mason Templates
Requires Stacks v4 or newer, Foundry v2, Potion Pack and Thunder Pack.

Pre-Built Projects
Pre-Built Project files are built in, and require RapidWeaver v7 or later.

More Help

The documentation pages and the tutorials section of this site are a great place to start. They’ll walk you through the features of the Foundry stacks and we’ll show you how to use some of those stacks in our tutorial videos, but if you need further help, head on over to our Support Forum.

The Support Forum brings together other Foundry users like yourself where you can ask questions, share your knowledge and get insight into building your pages.

I've Lost My Purchase

If you have lost your purchased items somehow, either through some sort of computer problems, or just an accident, fret not you can retrieve them all on your own.

Simply go to our order lookup page and supply it with the necessary information and our automated system will retrieve them for you. If you do not get results from the retrieval form it may be likely that you used a different email address to purchase Foundry than the one you’re entering. Give the form another try with any alternate email addresses you may have used in the past.

If you still cannot retrieve your purchase that you’ve lost you will need to email us with the following information: Either your PayPal receipt or your original download email. If you don’t have one of these I will need the email address that you used in purchasing your product(s) along with a listing of the particular products you purchased and are trying to retrieve.

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