Base Foundry stack

Include your RapidWeaver footer on your page where you like. The Footer stack pulls your footer content straight from your site settings.

  • Set footer alignment at each breakpoint
  • Set custom font size at each breakpoint
  • Customize footer content styling


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Using Footer


Allows you to set the justification of the Button itself. You can set the alignment to Left, Center or Right.

Starting with Foundry v2 you can set the alignment differently at each of the three breakpoints. v2

Font v2
Allows you to choose to use the Base Font assigned in the Foundry Control Center or to assign a Typeface based font to your Footer text.

Font Weight v2
Use this setting to adjust the font weight of your Footer text when you've assigned it a Typeface font. If you're using the Control Center's Base Font instead of a Typeface font your font weight will be set to match the Base Font's settings.

Custom Font Size v2
When enabled you can choose custom font sizes for your Footer text at each of the three breakpoints.


Use the default Foundry styling for your Footer or opt to choose the text and link colors for your Footer using the RapidWeaver color picker.

Just the facts

The Footer stack allows you to insert your site's footer details, which are configured in the RapidWeaver General settings pane, into your page.

Changing the details in the General settings pane of RapidWeaver will change the footer information in all Footer stacks in your project file.