Every Foundry-based project will start with a few basic steps. In the really quick video below we walk you through the most basic parts of starting your new project.

Start here

Each Foundry project requires two things to get you started:

  • Include the Foundry Control Center stack on your Stacks page
  • Select the blank Foundry theme as your project's theme.

In the video above we walk you through these quick and easy steps so that you can start building your first Foundry-based site.

  • IMPORTANT: You must use the Foundry theme for your project. You cannot use Foundry inside of other themes. This is because the Foundry theme includes some of the necessary code for the Foundry framework.


Build a very simple site

Building sites with Foundry is a breeze! With its modular design you can achieve a wide variety of different layouts and styles with great ease. In this tutorial we walk through the basics of building a one-page site.

You can also download the project file for this tutorial if you'd like to use it as a jumping on point or just as a reference while following this tutorial video.

Learn more

Want to learn more about Foundry and how to use it? Check out some of our tutorial videos. We have several tutorials that cover how many of the different stacks operate. Many of the Foundry stacks also have video tutorials on their individual documentation pages.

You can also look through the Documentation pages for each stack to see what they can do, in addition to using those page as reference materials. We’ve also got pre-built project files and Stacks v4 templates which are also a good place to start for both building a site and learning the tools.