Site Map

Base Foundry stack

Create a simple, easy to use site map that you can insert into your page to give your visitor’s a top down view of your site’s contents.

  • Provide an overview of your site's page heirarchy
  • Opt to disable parent page links
  • Allow child pages to be collapsable
  • Customize link color


The Site Map stack gives your visitors an overview of your site’s page hierarchy. They can visit your pages through the bulleted list. Pages that are hidden from your navigation in the Page Inspector will not be visible within the Site Map.

Using Site Map


Bullet Type
The Site Map is composed of a bulleted list. This setting allows you to choose what sort of bullets to use in this list.

Include Child Pages
You can opt whether you would like child pages to be included in the Site Map by enabling this feature.

Collapsable Child Pages
When including child pages in your Site Map you can allow them to be collapsed and expanded by the visitor.

Disable Parent Links
You may opt to have any parent level links within the Site Map disabled, preventing the visitor from visiting those parent pages.


Custom Link Color
When enabled you are able to choose a custom color for the Site Map links.

What's Visible?

The Site Map stack shows all of the pages that are in your RapidWeaver Page List, on the left-hand side of the RapidWeaver window. That said, any pages that have the "Show In Navigation" checkbox un-checked in the Page Inspector will be hidden from displaying in the Site Map stack.