Video Embed

Base Foundry stack

Quickly and easily include video embeds for YouTube and Vimeo on your pages. The Video Embed stack automatically makes your embeds responsive.

  • Use embeds from YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia
  • Embeds are automatically responsive
  • Set videos to automatically play
  • Choose aspect ratio for video


We’ve included an example of each of the three ended types below.




Using Video Embed


Choose what service you will be using for your video. The Video Embed stack supports video embedding from Vimeo, YouTube and Wistia.

Vimeo, YouTube ID, Wistia:
This is the video ID code that the video service gives you for your video.

Auto Play
When enabled the video will play as soon as it is loaded.

Start At v2
When you're using YouTube embeds you can set a time stamp of where you'd like the video to begin playing.

Aspect Ratio
Choose the correct aspect ratio for your video. You can choose from 16:9, 4:3, 21:9 or 9:16 (iPhone portrait mode)

Advanced v2

Lazy Load Video v2
Enabling this feature will help speed up your page load times when using YouTube or Vimeo embeds. This keeps the video from loading until the visitor scrolls down to the position on the page where the embed lives.

Save Bandwidth and Time

Using a site like YouTube or Vimeo to embed your videos not only saves you bandwidth for your site, but it also keeps you from having to convert your videos to several different formats for all of the various platforms and devices out there. These sites do it for you, saving you a lot of time and headache.